Lisa Darms, Ramdasha Bikceem, Sara Marcus – At The Library: Collecting Punk

Part of the 2016 UMass Amherst Libraries Special Collections and University Archives eleventh Annual Colloquium on Social Change entitled Documenting Punk. Featuring a panel of speakers including Lisa Darms, Ramdasha Bikceem, & Sara Marcus. The panelists discuss their experiences documenting and participating in the riot grrrl/punk scene in the 1990s. Discussion includes: efforts of the Fales Library at New York University to document the 1970s/1980s downtown New York art scene and the riot grrrl scene of the early 1990s. Moderated by Tanya Pearson & Jeremy Smith.


Classic vs. Rock. MMM.


Qlimax 2016 | Frequencerz

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Explore the unknown with the Frequencerz live set at Qlimax.

♫ This video features the following tracks:
01. Frequencerz – The Unknown
02. Frequencerz – Die Hards Only (Q-base 2016 Anthem)
03. Philippe Rochard – The World (Frequencerz RMX qlimax refix)
04. Phuture Noize – Fire
05. B-Freqz – in the club
06. Frequencerz ft. MC Jeff – Shotgun
07. Frequencerz & E-Force – Gods
08. Psyko Punk – Play the drum
09. Frequencerz & Tartaros ft. MC Jeff – Wolfpack
10. B-Freqz – Crew
11. Frequencerz & Warface – Uber Mashup
12. Frequencerz – #MV33
13. Frequencerz & Warface – Elevate
14. Frequencerz – Freqolution
15. EZG – Rellen in de hel (Adaro Remix)
16. E-Force – Kill the Noize
17. Frequencerz & Bass Chazers – Renegade
18. Degos & Redone – Die Slowly
19. Warface & Frequencerz – Menace (D-Sturb Remix)
20. Crypsis & Luna – Torture (Frequencerz Remix)
21. Frequencerz & Titan – Getting off
22. Warface – Silent crimes

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The Offspring Gotta Get Away Bass Cover by Rene Dexter

Bass Cover by Rene Dexter

Equipment used in video:
Ibanez Gio SoundGear IJSR190-RD
Ampeg BA-112 V2

Artist: The Offspring Album: Smash Song: Gotta Get Away


star wars punk cover

video con imagenes de star wars!


Short Lived “Spilling The Beans” San Diego Punk Rock ’90s

Short Lived
“Spilling The Beans”


original grunge song – hate the police

I hate the police

I do not like guys

They make power a shield

They commit a crime

I hate the police

They drive an innocent man

And get dirty honor

If An Angel is a fistful

The remainder is a devil

I hate the police

I hate the police

I do not like guys

A dogs of the National

It’s Time for dinner

I hate the police


Home Recording Studio playing Synthesizer ✔ JANXEN – BLACKBOX 1.0 Synthpop 80s Music Like Enigma = SUBSCRIBE NOW!
28th song BLACKBOX home recording studio – 100% LIVE JANXEN &

Welcome in my new home recording studio which i call the BLACKBOX and where all my synthesizers are and in which i play my new synthesizer music now. It often sounds like 80s music hits by the way…
I put at least 3 layers of black paint on the walls and ceiling making it a bit like the HMH Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Although the walls need some studio foam treatment and placement, the quality of studio sound is already great because of the curtains and carpet i put in.
Here you see me play my synthesizers live playing the new song BLACKBOX, playing it in my old studio as projected on the sheet and this is my welcoming my new studio and synth setup 😉

Black Box
Synthesizer Music
Synthesizer Song
Synth Pop
Synthpop Music
Synthesizer Solo
Synthesizer Space Music
80s Music Hits
Home Recording Studio
Recording Studio Sound
Studio New Music
Music Like Enigma
Music Like Enya
Music Like Colplay
Music Like Daft Punk
Synth pop 80s
Acoustic Treatment
Studio Foam
Black Box Ride On Time
Black Box Strike It Up
Black Box Everybody Everybody
Black Box Flight
Black box Airasia

Studio Setup:
– Virus Ti2 Keyboard Synthesizer
– Roland Juno Stage
– Roland GAIA SH-01 Synthesizer
– Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver
– Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Desktop
– Korg Electribe EMX-1SD
– Korg Kaoss Pad KP 3 DJ effect controller
– Moog Little Phatty Stage 2
– Future Retro Revolution R2
– TC Helicon VoiceTone Synth
and computer, mixer, studio stuff, Laserworld EL 60G green laser and tech gadgets!

Song title: My New Home Recording Studio playing Synthesizer ### JANXEN – BLACKBOX 1.0 | Korg Electribe EMX, Virus Ti2, Roland Juno Stage, Dave Smith Evolver Mono, Korg Kaoss Pad, Moog Little Phatty 2, Dave Smith Mopho, Future Retro Revolution R2, Roland Gaia

My music is inspired by Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, AIR, Kraftwerk, U2, Björk, Enya, Vangelis, Gary Numan, Pet Shop Boys, Mike Oldfield, Duran Duran, 80s music, Coldplay, Enigma etc.


The Muffins – No Name

The Muffins telah merilis album perdana mereka dan masuk di album Medan Teriak 2014. No Name adalah salah satu lagu yang ada di album Medan Teiak 2014, dan The Muffins adalah band yang luar biasa bagi kami, attitude dan jiwa seni yang tinggi yang menurut kami sebagai pondasi yang kokoh untuk band ini, itu terbukti……… Lagunya keren-keren…. Bagaimana menurut anda…

Support Terus Band Medan Dengan Nyata !!!!!!!!!


គូស្នេហ៍ , Couple Love ,By; EMo Composer , khmer Original song , [Khmer Lyrics Songs]

Welcome to Khmer Lyrics Songs channel

សូមកុំភ្លេចចុច subscribers ដើម្បីទទូលបានវីដេអូថ្មីទៀត
Thanks you!
បទ៖ គូស្នេហ៍ , Couple Love ,
By; EMo Composer

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