[HD] Green Day – Knowledge (Fan Solo) (Operation Ivy Cover)

[HD] Green Day - Knowledge (Fan Solo) (Operation Ivy Cover)

Billie Joe pulls a fan on stage to play the guitar and then lets him keep it.
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Date: August 11th, 2017
Venue: Sprint Center (Kansas City, MO)
Opening Band(s): Catfish and The Bottlemen
Tour: Revolution Radio Tour
Seat Location: Center Barricade
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Las Furias – Sudor de Hembra EP : Female’s Sweat EP COMING SOON!

Las Furias - Sudor de Hembra EP : Female's Sweat EP COMING SOON!

Sudor de Hembra EP / Female’s Sweat EP COMING SOON!!
Sudor de Hembra song recorded live in Switzerland, Undertown, Meyrin. April 2012.
www.myspace.com/lasfuriass, www.lasfurias.tumblr.com
twitter: @LasFurias, facebook: Las Furias


BATCHES : This is not an emo song, Just a bitter taste in my mouth

BATCHES : This is not an emo song, Just a bitter taste in my mouth

Title : This is not an emo song, Just a bitter taste in my mouth
Band : BATCHES! http://www.facebook.com/pages/BATCHES/188047581230553


Steeling First – I Know

Punk band Started writing in 1998 started shows in 2002


Lisa Darms, Ramdasha Bikceem, Sara Marcus – At The Library: Collecting Punk

Part of the 2016 UMass Amherst Libraries Special Collections and University Archives eleventh Annual Colloquium on Social Change entitled Documenting Punk. Featuring a panel of speakers including Lisa Darms, Ramdasha Bikceem, & Sara Marcus. The panelists discuss their experiences documenting and participating in the riot grrrl/punk scene in the 1990s. Discussion includes: efforts of the Fales Library at New York University to document the 1970s/1980s downtown New York art scene and the riot grrrl scene of the early 1990s. Moderated by Tanya Pearson & Jeremy Smith.


#007 Useless ID “Mouse in a Maze” @ Punk Rock Holiday (08/08/2016) Tolmin, Slovenia

Este tema forma parte del concierto que Useless ID ofreció el primer día del festival Punk Rock Holiday que tuvo lugar el 8 de agosto del 2016 en un entorno paradisíaco como son las inmediaciones del Soča River en Tolmin, Eslovenia.

PlayLIST [All-IN] x150: “nrK7 (Punk Rock Holiday): Viaje al paraíso del Punk Rock”

“Mouse in a Maze” es el tema 03 del disco “The Lost Broken Bones” (2015)

Is it so hard to accept the fact we’re always changing?
did we all choose to live in denial?
we had no control whatsoever once the damage was done
and now we’re all looking forward to one end.
how much of it can we take?
the more we don’t communicate.
the less we feel rejected
over and out, we are…

Beat down here like a mouse in a maze
and no more than one in a million
lay you head down
we’ve fallen out with the world
get used to the feeling.

It brings the worst out of all of us
when there’s no one left to trust.
we’re all resident to a strange land
we wont take part in this new regime
a well written bloody scheme
designed to corrupt and take over.

the things we over analyse
the way we live is the way we die.
until it fades into oblivion
we’re uninvited.

Beat down here like a mouse in a maze
and no more than one in a million
lay you head down
we’ve fallen out with the world
get used to the feeling.

Protection: we live in a shell
and find it in ruins
we may have gotten carried away
but there’s nothing to it.

Useless ID es una banda original de Tel Aviv, Israel, donde empezaron una carrera musical que durante más de dos décadas, les ha llevado a escribir, grabar e ir de gira por todo el mundo, haciendo lo que aman y compartiéndolo con el mundo. Tras siete discos de estudio y mucho camino en su espalda vuelven a sus raíces publicando “State Is Burning” (2016), una carta de amor al punk rock que transmite su frustración, ira, amor y esperanza.

Useless ID:



Punk Rock Holiday:

*The best Punk Rock party on the most amazing location in the World!

1) Registrado – Sony MV1 (Audio)
2) Zoom – Sony SR11

1st Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pb
2nd Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pr
3th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pJ
4th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pO
5th Day *Recording Memories (RecME 73): http://wp.me/p23YMz-pR



Lanzamiento del libro “La canción punk de los 80 en Chile” del escritor Jonathan Lukinovic Hevia el Viernes 21 de Agosto de 2015 en el Sindicato Nº1 de trabajadores Nestle en San Fernando.



live concert video of the band TERROR in PARIS the 12 MARCH 2015 playing the song with popolar songs like KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT or OVERCOME or ONE WITH THE UNDERDOGS similar to the band MADBALL or LIONHEART or NO TURNING BACK or FIRST BLOOD

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If i make a mistake


Mofungo “Wage Slaves” 1983 No Wave

I wanted some more Mofungo on youtube. They’re definitely an overlooked band, active from 1982-1992. The only thing the hipsters hear from them nowadays is “Hunter Gatherer” from Vol2 of New York Noise comp.

Their Frederick Douglass album can still be found in used bins around. All their albums were good.

“Wage Slave” is from their second album, Out of Line. Appearing are Elliott Sharp, Willie Klein, A.C. Chubb, Robert Sietsema, Chris Nelson, Jeff McGovern. The line-up of the band would change after this album with only Willie Klein and Robert Sietsema left to find other members. Elliott Sharp would appear on Frederick Douglass, too.



Davy the Punk (written and performed by Bob Bossin)

The thrilling tales of outlaw Davy the Punk kept everyone on the edge of their seats as Bob Bossin visited Golden for Live Kicks 2014.