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Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day live @ Unipol Arena

dal concerto del 13 gennaio 2017 alla Unipol Arena di Bologna
European tour 2017


Green Day – Basket Case – Easy Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar

Free Ebook when you sign my email list


Bohemian Rapsody + Blitzkrieg Bop – Previo concierto Green Day

Festival Mad Cool – Madrid – 07/07/2017


Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia – Atlanta 21st century Breakdown Tour HD

August 1 2009, Gwinnett Center Arena Live


Basket Case Green Day Cover Kid Band – Still Pending

Portland-based young rock band Still Pending ( makes it’s debut at Portland’s historic Crystal Ballroom. Here they play the classic Green Day cover, Basketcase. Check out the TV cameraman shooting for ABC! Watch him step on the bassist’s tuning bypass pedal and shut off the bass! Check them out on Cartoon Network!


Green Day-Bang Bang (Amazing Song) Lyrics

I dont own the song.
Amazing song from Green Day.


Green Day: Paint Factory 1989 [Full Concert Uncut]

Recorded live at at Paint Factory, Tampa, Florida, USA, February 11, 1989.

1. Intro (Rest)
2. Don’t Leave Me
3. At The Library
4. Paper Lanterns
5. Disappearing Boy
6. I Was There
7. 16
8. Only Of You
9. Going To Pasalacqua
10. Knowledge (Operation Ivy Cover)
11. Road To Acceptance
12. 1,000 Hours