Reagan Youth – Degenerated (Rehearsal at Sound Bite Studios)


EXCLUSIVE: Punk Legends Reagan Youth Revamp Lineup, Announces Tour

What will the neighbors think? After a bit of recent onstage drama Trey Oswald is out as the vocalist of Reagan Youth — “Please go get help that you so desperately need,” the “members” section of the band’s Facebook page not-so-subtly reads — and former Dead Kennedy’s frontman/punk rock documentarian Jeff Penalty is in.

“There’s a moment shared by all punks — the moment when you first open your eyes and see just how fucked up the world really is,” Penalty tells Decibel. “It births an anger inside you, and punk music is the only thing that keeps that fire from burning you down. No band better captures the spirit of that discontented awakening better than Reagan Youth. Their storied past and their impact on the hardcore punk scene are humbling, and I’m honored and excited to be joining them. I never thought I’d join one infamous punk band, let alone two. Life is really fucking weird sometimes. But in an awesome way.”

“I’d rather be right than safe! That’s why we’ve brought Jeff and Rick on board, not because it’s the safe thing to do but because it’s the right thing to do,” Reagan Youth cofounder, guitarist, and all around badass adds. “The safe thing would have been for me and [Reagan Youth bassist] Tibbie X to fold it up, but I’m not going to do that.”

And…the hits keep coming: Drummer Stig Whisper has been replaced by former Dr. Know skin whaler Rick Contreras.

“I’m ecstatic to be joining the legacy that is Reagan Youth,” Contreras says. “I’ve got a lot of respect for Dave’s message and it’s great to be a part of it. Paul’s doing some amazing things with the band and Tibbie’s given it a new lease on life. Working alongside everybody has me excited and looking forward to what’s in store for this upcoming tour.”

“It’s like my entire record collection came to life, got all scrambled up and all the band members got reassigned, in a really great way,” Tibbie X, who also fronts the churning cauldron of sex and punk known as GASH, says. “On top of it all I get to be in the band with members of Dead Kennedy’s, Reagan Youth and Dr. Know. Amazing.”

April tour dates:

4/14. Santa Maria – O’Sullivan’s
4/15. Paso Robles – Mannys
4/16. Fresno – Audie’s olympic
4/17. San Fran – Parkside
4/18. Sonoma – 755 After Dark
4/19. Sacramento – Blue lamp


Légitime Violence – Non jamais [Lyrics]

Lyrics in Greek, English, Francais

Title: Non jamais! / No, never! / Όχι, ποτέ!
Artist: Légitime Violence / Legitimate Violence / Νόμιμη Βία
Album: Rock Haine Oi! (soon available)
Year: 2015
Province of origin: Quebec, French-speaking Canada
Genre: Oi / RAC / Hardcore-punk
Label: Hostile Class Productions


Rockin’ the Hamburg Metro Daft Punk Style

Rockin’ the Hamburg Metro Daft Punk Style


The Best Of Ini Talkshow – Band Baru Yang Kocak Stengky Band!


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Uniendo Ruido! – No Pase Punk – 18 Septiembre – Kirius 2016 –

Uniendo Ruido, evento realizado el día 18 de Septiembre de 2016 en Kirius Ciudad Bolívar, Unión punk, skin , rude en una sola contracultura. Unidxs!.
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y los canales antiguos del colectivo para ver otros procesos desarrollados hace varios años:


Vibesonic jam – Egotrip (Full Album, psychedelic, indie, rock jam…)

01 – SONIC INTRO (3.55)
02 – SPANISH FLY (2.48)
03 – SPEED (4.17)
04 – EXTASY (5.26)
05 – COUNTRY JAM (3.23)
07 – EGOTRIP (7.10)
08 – LUCKY LUKE (1.50)

All rights is owned by Vibesonic jam
This album was certified through SafeCreative

The band VIBESONIC JAM from Slovenia was started by the creative core of the band Sleazy Snails which played in most venues all over Slovenia and received great reviews in the media. Vibesonic Jam decided to completely ignore current musical trends and mix various musical styles in order to pursue their vision. Their eclecticism includes styles such as hard rock, psychedelia, indie etc. The result is a unique style that builds its expressive power on atmosphere, controlled noise, melodics and the current inspiration of the band members. In live shows the force and richness of sound is upgraded by improvisations of the band members.


Cover Version Cold Play Fix you Remix 1

Gear List :
1. iRig
2. Yamaha Accoustic FX310
3. Garage Band


punk rock Losung



Rock Of Ages 2 – Riesci ad oltrepassare queste trappole??

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Outro song: Composer/Producer: Piotr Adamski Publisher: ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design



Top5 Episode 6 PT 1 / Top 80’s pop music videos

A new edition for those who are deaf and because Mohawk’s televisions around the school just aren’t made for an audio loving universe. Part 2 to be released next Wednesday!