Something Like #3 – Shoegaze / Noise Pop

– 3 compositions imitating the style of 3 different bands/artists.
For this 1st episode, the theme is “Film Music”

Le principe de la chaine est de composer des extraits musicaux dans le style des artistes d’origine.
Aujourd’hui, 3 artistes de “Shoegaze” (en français : “regarder ses pompes”, nom donné en référence aux musiciens ayant les yeux rivés sur leurs pédales d’effets en live) ou de “Noise Pop” (c’est à dire une pop bruitiste, mêlant de belles mélodies et des guitares distorsion)
(Je ne suis pas tellement porté sur les étiquettes musicales mais il fallait bien donner un nom à l’épisode.)
En bref, dans cette vidéo je m’inspire de “My Bloody Valentine” (Loveless, MBV, …) Sonic Youth (Dirty, “Experimental jet set, trash and no star”, Washing Machine, …) et The Jesus and Mary Chain (Psychocandy, Automatic, Honey’s Dead, …)


Batmobile – Runaway – Antwerp 2011

Old School Night No. 5 – Rockabilly Psychosis – at the Trix in Antwerp – 19.11.2011 – Batmobile “Runaway”


Evil Come, Evil Go January 28th Commercial

1st of many video flyers from punk/metal band Evil Come, Evil Go.

Imagine a musical wrestling match that sounds like The Misfits versus Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dream Theater as their managers, and Dio as the referee. The outcome would be THIS band. Beginning in 2008, Evil Come, Evil Go began with a fondness of horror films (movies, life, etc.) and combined it with their musical influences of The Misfits, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. This unapologetic hybrid of punk and metal appeal to many different crowds for its diversity, the speed of punk rock but the harmony melody that’s reminiscent of Heavy Metal acts of the 80’s. This sound brings together crowds of young and seasoned rockers to their shows providing a broad spectrum of fans including Corey Harrison from the TV show Pawn Stars, Dez Cadena, Misfits/former Black Flag guitarist, and Jim Rose CEO of the Jim Rose Circus.
Each member has an influence in Punk, Metal, and straight up Rock ‘N’ Roll. Featuring the vocals of Don Domino whose range goes from a husky tone to that of Elvis Presley, to the banshee like yells much like singers from the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” Era, the fast pace drumming and timing of ChristoFEAR who keeps the speed/thrash sound of ECEG. Code Blue, the youngest in the band who’s bass playing is influenced by Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Cliff Burton (Metallica), and Nathanial Villarreal, guitarist/President of Anthem Records(Independent label ECEG is signed to) who’s many accolades include winning San Antonio’s famed “Guitar Wars” brings the sound of Heavy Metal with face melting solos and diverse style.
Since its formation, ECEG has opened up for acts such as The Misfits, TSOL, Mad Sin, Tesla, Blitzkid and many more acts from around the globe! Motivated by the art of DIY, ECEG makes The band creates their stage props and customized instruments their merchandise having release a slew of independently produced EP’s. The series of EP’s shows the bands evolution and diversity in their song writing and playing style. This band is hungry to be heard, ready for the next level, Evil Come, Evil Go pushes the envelope, raise the bar, they do it all. Evil Come, Evil Go is eager to learn the business and put the time and work in to be heard by the masses. With all these qualities, this band will be a great addition to a record label. Give them a stage to play on and you’ll get nothing less than an energetic live show as if you’re watching them in an arena. Evil Come, Evil Go WILL BE one of if not your FAVORITE band after you see them live and will leave you begging for MORE.

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star wars punk cover

video con imagenes de star wars!


Arthur Brown+”Byzantine Art Punk Ensemble”(Part 2) 20.09.2014 St. Petersburg, Russia

“Festival “Apositsia X” at Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh” (Small Hall) , 3D Video


Blake Shelton – Who Are You When I’m Not Looking (Official Video)

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Wasted Lives O’Hara’s 1979 DIVORCE

WASTED LIVES was a Vancouver BC band

Colin Griffiths, guitar — Andy Graffiti, drums — Mary Celeste, bass — Phil Smith, vocals.

live @ O’Hara’s 1979 / St. Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for the Vancouver Complication album, but which became infamous as the St. Valentine’s Massacre when the loogans decided to beat on the punks…


Ramiros – Ramiros (Full Album)

Ramiros – Ramiros (Full Album)



The following promo package covers the kickstart of a new EDM influenced music label from the Netherlands. Punk Kids Recordings has managed to create a team of artists that are ready to bring their musical vision to the dance world.

Whenever you hear the name Kid Kaio you have a sudden relief of unparalized ready to party emotion going through your body. Ace of Base, Everything But The Girl and Nirvana are the ones on this golden plate to have gone a 2015 rework from the boy wonder. With a new and fresh insight of another remarkably exquisite artist Volkan Saki, the two have teamed up to create three groundbreaking songs that are dying to be heard on music systems near you.

Without further ado I bring to you “All That She Wants”, “Missing” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in a 2015 remode from Kid Kaio & Volkan Saki.


HOME – Before the Night [Synthwave] from Royalty Free Planet™

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