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‘Who is Cm Punk’ Cm Punk Best in the World DVD Trailer


[Cringe] Metal band performs in school

Steam Group: Twitter:


Puzzle Bubble Theme Ska Core Version

Versione ska core del tema di Puzzle Bubble eseguita dai Manovalanza, gruppo ska core italiano proveniente dalla Valtiberina (AR-PG), attivo dal 2006.


Fukumenkei Noise First song

Love her shouting voice

Original song :



A piobaireachd duet composed by Janette Montague – played by Willie McCallum and Jim McGillivray (bagpipes) and Craig Muirhead (keyboard). Recorded at the College of Piping, Glasgow, in March 2017.


Box Social – All That Punk

Track #11
Album: Hula Dancing Zombies


Plastic Crimewave Syndicate As Twinkwind – The Snake – 3/22/14

CHI-TOWN NIGHTS with TJ Superfan presents: Plastic Crimewave Syndicate As Twinkwind (live) at Empty Bottle, in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village neighborhood. Led by Steve Krakow, this chemistry was paying homage to both Hawkwind and Pink Fairies. It was sweet to see the triumphant return of Nick D’vyne — formerly of Plastic Crimewave Sound and currently with Vee Dee — on guitar and vocals. Acid rock, acid punk, space rock, and psychedelia are a few descriptions of this type of music. But it’s really just rock ‘n’ roll music that let’s you escape to the cosmos.

I asked the Chicago music archivist about the name “Twinkwind.”

Steve Krakow: “The Snake” is a Pink Faries tune, but we were trying to cover for the cancelation of Twink, who was in the Pink Fairies. Then Hawkwind cancelled too. Way back in the day, the two bands would often jam together as “Pinkwind.” So we made ours, “Twinkwind.” Kinda goofy, but hey — it’s cosmic rock ‘n’ roll!

No copyright infringement is intended.


Amness – Control



Police Control – Adrénaline

Song from the first POLICE CONTROL EP, a French Parisian Punk Band.
Out on Juvenile Delinquent records and Gone with the weed