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Iron Maiden Ed Phon3s! – Blink 182 recording – Pearl Jam new merch – Flotsam & Jetsam update

Iron Maiden new headphones called Ed Phon3s going strong! – Blink 182 recording new album as Travis starts recording drums – Pearl Jam new merch – Flotsam & Jetsam sign with AFM and new album in the works … Amorphis and Children of Bodom to hit Mexico!

Recording some percussion for the @blink182 album with

Pear Jam new merch … New @RNDMband Ghost Riding Tour 2016 Shirt available now in the Shop:

#FlotsamandJetsam have inked a worldwide deal with AFM! New album out in May.

Children of Bodom and Amorphis May 21st in Mexico ….In May w/ @cobhc in #Mexico 🇲🇽 @circovolador #undertheredcloudtour

Iron Maiden have their new head-phones out called Ed Phon3s .. check out more info below…–onkyofor-the-first-timereveal-their-maiden-audio-ed-ph0n3sat-ifa-berlin


Blink 182- Bored to Death Clip (Live from Chicago 2016)

My 5 year old loves this song, shot this clip to show her it being played live. From September 2016 Concert outside of Chicago.


09 – blink-182 – The Country Song & Dammit live in Chicago

live in 1999 // join my facebook page for updates & more! available on


Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Says Tour, Album Going To Be ‘A-Plus’

“I know for a fact that there’s a really good chance that whatever Travis does on drums, I’ll be on that with him,” DeLonge says.


Blink-182 – The Rock Show (Live In Ridgefield, Washington) 9/20/2016


Blink-182 – Always – Buffalo, NY

Blink-182 – Always – Buffalo, NY (Darien) pix at






blink-182 last tour show 10-7-16 Irvine


blink 182 the rock show live in chicago