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Green Day Style Punk Rock Backing Track in G

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Green Day Style Punk Rock Backing Track in G
You can play E minor pentatonic and G major pentatonic scale over the whole track.

Cm : play C dorian scale

Need Royalty Free Music for your project?
Artmant Guitar Backing Tracks

Enjoy!! 🙂


Green Day – Jesus Of Suburbia – Budweiser Gardens, London, Ontario, – March 19th 2017

Green Day North American Tour 2017


Green Day@Lucca Summer Festival 14/06/17 – Luca suona con i Green Day e Billie regala la chitarra!

Eccomi qua, quando i sogni si avverano!!! Non ho parole, emozioni incredibili che resteranno per sempre con me. Ringrazio tantissimo Billie, Mike e Tré e tutto lo Staff, i miei genitori, mio fratello, e tutto il pubblico intorno a me!



Terrible Green day & Blink 182 Band Covers

A little compilation I made of some pretty terrible cover bands I found, around the internet. If you want more just comment, my next video will be worst Nirvana cover bands.
I take no credit for any of these videos or songs or whatever, dont arrest me.
Check out the Terrible Nirvana Cover on my Page!


Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong American Idiot signing .. Fans went nuts

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