Simple Plan – I’d Do Anything (acoustic version KYN) + Lyrics + Chords

Versão acústica da música “I’d Do Anything”, da banda canadense Simple Plan. Letra e Cifras na tela. Vídeo disponível em Full HD. Deixe seu LIKE para incentivar o canal. Comente. Compartilhe. Inscreva-se, para conferir outros vídeos. Links das minhas redes sociais ao final da descrição. Muito obrigada! Até! o/

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Concours Simple Plan, passe VIP

Voila ma video pour le concours de Salon de la jeunesse.
Oui j’ai bel et bien collé chaque affiche une par une et pris des photos à chaque fois !
J’aime Simple Plan, que voulez-vous ?


Simple Plan signing Hockey Sticks

Simple Plan in Toronto signing autographs for Pro Hockey Life

Connect With Simple Plan:


Simple Plan – You Suck At Love (W/Lyrics)

You Suck At Love:

We started off incredible
Connection undeniable
I swear I thought you were the one forever
But your love was like a loaded gun
You shot me down like everyone
‘Cause everyone’s replaceable
When you’re just so incapable
Of getting past skin deep

Guess what, another game over
I got burned, but you’re the real loser
I don’t know why I’ve wasted my time with you
You’re bad news, a history repeater
You can’t trust a serial cheater
You’re good at hooking up but you suck at love

You played me like an amateur
Then stabbed me like a murderer
I’m left for dead, another one of your victims
It’s not like you’re unpredictable
But your act is so believable
I know it’s nothing personal, it’s just business as usual
You’re good at what you do


Now I kinda feel bad for you
You’re never gonna know
what it’s like to have someone to turn to
Another day, another bed
It’s just a game inside your head

[Chorus x2]

You’ve messed this whole thing up
Well you were such an awesome fuck
But you suck at love, you suck at love


Pierre and Sebastien’s message to

Pierre and Sebastien from Simple Plan say hi to and its visitors and answer one question submitted by the fansite. 🙂


Simple Plan – Addicted *HQ* 2011 Warped Tour – Pittsburgh, PA – 7/22/2011 and – check em out!


Simple Plan – Your Love Is A Lie (Dual Guitar Cover ) TAB

Tuning = Harf Down


TAB Download(GuitarPro&PDF)

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motu track16

Please watch in 4k or HD !!


Simple Plan – I’m Just A Kid – Toronto, ON – 9/16/2017


Simple Plan performing live at the Danforth Music Hall during their “No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls 15th anniversary tour” on Saturday September 16th 2017.

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Perfectly Perfect – SIMPLE PLAN – 7/12/2016 – São Paulo – HD

Perfectly Perfect – SIMPLE PLAN – 7/12/2016 – São Paulo – HD