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Alternative & Punk: Outlet – Silent Partner (All Monetizable & Free Music)

(All Monetizable & Free Music)

Artist: Silent Partner
Genre: Alternative & Punk | Angry


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All Monetizable Free Music is a library dedicated to providing exclusively free music for monetization, ie commercial purposes.
Everything we provide here is royalty free.

We are dedicated to only posting monetization friendly music. Please alert us if we’ve made a mistake.

Monetizable free music is often thought of as copyright free music, no copyright music, or simply free music. These terms can be a bit confusing, as even music which maybe free are not necessarily monetizable, and monetizable does not necessarily mean the authors of the work give up their moral rights; the rights to be credited.


You are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.…

Some of the songs and tracks we upload on this channel WILL require credit.


To convert this to MP3, copy and past the video’s URL and paste it than press “Convert to mp3” and download.


Background Images are from the Public Domain.
To find more art like this, google “Old Master Paintings”, “Hudson River School”, “Thomas Moran”, or “Frederic Church”.

Learn more about the Public Domain and why it’s important here:


Invinofender – Modern

Invinofender, band napoletana, in una performance acustica nello store di dischi più amato d’Italia, Disclan, durante il record day.



Rosemary – Punk Rock Show (cover) L.F.M.F

learn from my fault


Acid Attack part 1 Live at The Gunners Pub 03.12.16 London

Bored Teenagers Showcase 6 – KBD PUNK





Two Feet – You’re So Cold (Music Video)

✅ Encore Style Playlist:
✅ You’re So Cold on Spotify:
✅ You’re So Cold on iTunes:
✅ First Steps EP Playlist:

▶️ Follow Two Feet

❌ Encore Style

? Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
You fuck me up and let me go
Your bitterness has got enough

You’re so cold
You’re so cold
You’re so cold

[Verse 2]
You are a stranger when I come home
You’ll never turn your dreams to gold

You’re so cold
You’re so cold
You’re so cold

? Submissions

⛔ Video by Tom Mitchell

? Model is Yulia Rose

‘Everybody wants an encore.’


Irish Handcuffs – Burn Out (Green Day cover) (live)

Artist: Irish Handcuffs
Song: Burn Out (Green Day cover)
Album: Dookie (Green Day)

Live @ ZAKK Passau / 2012-11-09

Recorded with an iPhone 4, edited with Final Cut Express.
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA


Invading the 80s – Synthwave – Royalty Free Music

Download Music:
Gaming Channel:
**This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not.**

This one is a happier, but slower synthwave track that gets the drums a little more right. It’s got the 80s chunk to it for sure!

Let me know what you think! 🙂

*Legal notice: The publisher of this video is the original source for the music track being presented in this video, which is entitled “”. No one entity, person or organization may take legal action against other entity, person or organization due to use or distribution of this track or modified portions of this music track.

Used Image:


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Amazon Music:




Jennifer’s Buddy – Pilot Episode 2016 (Full Album)

Дебютный альбом олдскул поп-панк группы из Томска.
Debut album of the old school pop-punk band from Tomsk.


Track List:

1. Коты
2. Паранойя
3. Обычный день
4. Скучно
5. Страсть к перемене мест
6. Мой сумасшедший день (The Muffs cover)
7. Франц Францевич
8. Дезодорант
9. Западозависимый
10. Про тебя
11. Звездопад
12. ВК
13. Пока ты не умрёшь