PDX Hardcore fest Dead Kid Schmello part 4


hc fest name this band part 4


Variance Works Both Ways! (Get Lucky)

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Terno Rei | QUARTINHO #03 (LIVE)

Quartinho apresenta: Terno Rei.

Terno Rei colou trazendo novas composições presentes no álbum Essa Noite Bateu Com um Sonho. Lançado pelo selo independente paulistano Balaclava, o LP entrelaça influências do lado mais melódico do noise pop oitentista, de nomes como Jesus and Mary Chain e Mazzy Star, à sonoridade minimalista de bandas como Warpaint e Kurt Vile.

set list:
0:28 – Desconhecido
5:16 – Depressão na Pista de Dança
8:58 – Sinais
13:32 – Chegadas e Partidas
17:53 – A Prosa
21:19 – Criança
28:13 – Luz de Bem
32:06 – Da Janela
36:48 – Trem Leva Minhas Pernas
39:55 – Litoral

Quartinho é um espaço que na verdade são três, mas que na prática não existe – Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre e São Paulo. Artistas que nos conectamos de alguma maneira com suas frequências e que convocamos a experimentar uma performance através de uma transmissão ao vivo na grande rede mundial de computadores: a internet.

A void no youtube é um portal perigoso maravilhoso barra pesada. Inscreva-se e acompanhe videos que não fazem sentido estarem em um mesmo lugar – http://bit.ly/youtubevoid


Chaka Khan – I Love Myself Rehearsal w/band

Chaka Khan and her band rehearsing I Love Myself for the 1st time!


Qlimax 2016 | Frequencerz

• The Qlimax anthem is available at all download portals: https://qdance.lnk.to/riseofthecelestialsYo
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► Check out the Qlimax 2016 aftermovie: http://bit.ly/Qlimax16_Aftermovie
► Watch the anthem show of Qlimax 2016: http://bit.ly/Qlimax16-AnthemShow
► Check out the other Qlimax 2016 live sets: http://bit.ly/Qlimax16-Livesets

Explore the unknown with the Frequencerz live set at Qlimax.

♫ This video features the following tracks:
01. Frequencerz – The Unknown
02. Frequencerz – Die Hards Only (Q-base 2016 Anthem)
03. Philippe Rochard – The World (Frequencerz RMX qlimax refix)
04. Phuture Noize – Fire
05. B-Freqz – in the club
06. Frequencerz ft. MC Jeff – Shotgun
07. Frequencerz & E-Force – Gods
08. Psyko Punk – Play the drum
09. Frequencerz & Tartaros ft. MC Jeff – Wolfpack
10. B-Freqz – Crew
11. Frequencerz & Warface – Uber Mashup
12. Frequencerz – #MV33
13. Frequencerz & Warface – Elevate
14. Frequencerz – Freqolution
15. EZG – Rellen in de hel (Adaro Remix)
16. E-Force – Kill the Noize
17. Frequencerz & Bass Chazers – Renegade
18. Degos & Redone – Die Slowly
19. Warface & Frequencerz – Menace (D-Sturb Remix)
20. Crypsis & Luna – Torture (Frequencerz Remix)
21. Frequencerz & Titan – Getting off
22. Warface – Silent crimes

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Nature Punk, Controversial Artist

Amber discovered a controversy in the Native American community over the work of an etsy artist whose shop name is Nature Punk. Tonight we interview Sarah, woman behind the art controversy and explore how respecting the spirits of animals is not a practice exclusive to Native American practice.


The Macc Lads – Coffee sex and johnny bags

A short documentary about the 1980’s punk rock band – The Macc Lads.


The Kassos “How I’m Going Out” San Diego Garage Punk Rock

The Kassos – How I’m Going Out

Bartender I need a drink
I need it now
My mouth is dry and my nerves are shot
I need the music loud

How I got here I don’t know
But I know how I’m going out

Hey girl I wanna watch you dance
Here’s a dollar bill
I got time for another line
And another thrill

I spend my days just getting high
Got no idea where I spent the night last night
And I feel alright


Cyberpunk Digital Inspiration

Cyberpunk Digital Inspiration is an album made entirely of synth waveforms and rompler sound clips, crashed together in patterns that hopefully inspire others to create. Each track is accompanied by an image and a writing prompt.

As a classically trained musician, I’d never done much with synthesizers before. While writing a cyberpunk themed serial, Incorporated, that I intended to podcast, I decided to write a soundtrack to go with it. But to do that, I had to learn something new. Every other instrument I’d ever used had strings or tubes to create sound. Now I’m making sound with a MIDI keyboard and software. So I started writing cyberpunk themed music in a simple synth program, and started putting them up online.

Digital Inspirations is made of the first thirty synth and rompler tracks that I made while developing the style and digital instrument set for the soundtrack to Incorporated. I hope they will inspire others to create sci-fi and cyberpunk worlds and settings, just as they’ve done for me while I’ve been working on them. They were created with a combination of skills learned in analog instruments, and entirely digital or synthesized waveforms combined by software. Nature and technology, man and machine, working together to create something new.

What genre is it? Damned if I know. There’s a bit of synth and retro wave influence, just because I grew up in the 80s. There’s a bit of jazz and orchestral influence, because I’ve been in orchestras and small ensembles. For now, I’m just calling this a cyberpunk soundtrack, and leaving it at that.

If you want to download the full album, I put it online at http://chickenscratching.bandcamp.com/album/cyberpunk-digital-inspiration

Track listing:
1:// Last Job

2:// City Streets

3:// Network Key

4:// Greater Forces

5:// Can Digital Analog?

6:// Invisible

7:// Yakuza

8:// Underground

9:// Forward

10:// Sometimes you lose

11:// Watch your back

12:// I’ll watch your back

13:// Gentle Intrusion

14:// Cat and Mouse

15:// Momentary freedom

16:// Lonely nights

17:// Lost in translation

18:// Asphalt Jungle

19:// Smash and Grab

20:// You and Me and Everyone on the Web

21:// Subject Unknown

22:// Bounceback

23:// Man in Machine

24:// The Place Where I was Made

25:// Waves

26:// Lean on me

27:// Another day

28:// I believe

29:// A new place

30:// Goodbye to Everyone and Everything

Cyberpunk Digital Inspiration
Album and music by Hugh Sullivan
Copyright 2015
All rights reserved
http://chickenscratchingdotcom.tumblr.com/ */

All images (with the exception of the album cover) are just nifty cyberpunk-ish images I’ve found online, and I try to link to at least where I’ve found them. So they’re not mine to give permission to use. The original links to them can all be found with the original music posts at http://chickenscratchingdotcom.tumblr.com/tagged/writing-prompt

All writing prompts are free to use (of course. Otherwise there isn’t much use in sharing them), and all music is free for non-commercial use. (although I do love me some link-backs and attribution if you can.)