Drawing the “Jet Black heart” Art Work

Drawing the "Jet Black heart" Art Work

Hey guys! 🙂

This is a drawing from one of the artworks of off SGFG by 5SOS. I recreated this using “Fresh Paint” on the Surface 3. Fresh Paint is a free app that comes with Windows and is amazing!

This took me around 4 hours to complete. Also, while I juggled my college classes and kept trying to find time in between to work on this.

This art work is from “Jet Black Heart” and is one of my favorites. I really put a lot of work into this.

Thank you all so much for watching and I really hope you like it.

Please feel free to comment your opinions and any suggestions you might have.

Question: Should I do the rest of the NBS characters/artworks? Let me know!

Programs Used:
Fresh Paint (For the drawing itself)
Camtasia Studio 8 (For the Screen Recording)

Surface 3

The Lift by kmmusic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNyT5c_awhM)