Burning Wish [Subtitles]

Burning Wish [Subtitles]

Korean title: 불타는 소원
Japanese title: 燃える望み or 燃える願い
Alternative titles: Ardent Desire or Ardent Wish

Singer: Kim Yoo Kyeong (김유경)
Note for the subtitles:
수령님 (Suryeongnim) is translated as Great Leader (but actually just means Leader), and is refering to Kim Il Sung
장군님 (Changunim) means General, and is refering to Kim Jong Il
원수님 (Wonsunim) means Marshal and is refering to Kim Jong Un

Rodong Sinmun (2015 8th January) :

Story about the Three-Year History of Songun Revolutionary Activities
Respected Kim Jong Un, Supreme Commander of the KPA, inspected the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division in the morning of the new year Juche 101 or 2012. Media of many countries gave a wide publicity to it.
A Western news agency said:
“Leader Kim Jong Un´s inspection of the tank unit sends a clear message that the new leader of this country will carry on the Songun policy of Kim Jong Il, Chairman of the National Defence Commission, and at the same time, hints the working manner of leader Kim Jong Un.”
As the world said, the inspection of the tank unit by respected Marshal Kim Jong Un on the New Year´s Day was a declaration of his firm faith and will to lead Korea with Songun. As Supreme Commander of the KPA, Kim Jong Un has covered the road of Songun over the past three years, displaying the spirit and might of a commander of Mt. Paektu.
Respected Marshal
Kim Jong Un gave a resolute order not to miss a golden chance by dealing a fatal counterattack at the enemy if even a shell drops in the waters or a region where our sovereignty is exercised. His order struck terror into the heart of the enemy. His will of Songun was found on the forefront hills, island posts on the hottest spot and high and low hills of the country, on the sea and in the sky. His courage and will, his pluck and confidence more firmly consolidated the revolutionary armed forces of Korea.
His unusual disposition surprising the world does not lie only in the conviction of victory, superb military tactics and the spirit of the illustrious commander.
Soldiers loyal to their Supreme Commander say: “We will live and fight for our respected Supreme Commander.”
Then what makes the service personnel of the KPA revere and follow Marshal
Kim Jong Un so much?
Here is an answer to the question.
A post on Kkachil Hill is on Mt. Osong on the forefront which divides Korea into the north and the south due to the US imperialists. It is only 350 metres from the post to the enemy position.
So when Marshal Kim Jong Un went up Mt. Osong, commanding officers told him not to go out to the post. But he said: I feel reluctant to leave without seeing the soldiers. If the parents of the soldiers learn that I had a picture taken with the soldiers at the post, they would be very pleased. So I must go to see them.
When he had a picture taken with the soldiers at the post on Kkachil Hill, the soldiers, accompanying officials and commanding officers shed warm tears.
That day Marshal Kim Jong Un said the Supreme Commander is always with the soldiers at the post of Kkachil Hill. His instructions and the glorious scene excited the whole country and touched the heartstrings of all people.
Such legend-like stories are heard everywhere in this country–stories about women soldiers defending the coastal post of the country, soldiers at the island posts on the hottest spot, servicemen´s families, conjugal airpersons and children of martyrs at revolutionary schools.
The soldiers of the KPA firmly go along the road of revolution arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder with the respected Supreme Commander and even though they may fall down on the road, they lead an eternal life in his bosom.
As they are led by Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un responsible for their life and future, the honour and happiness of the service personnel of the KPA are endless and the prosperity of Korea is everlasting. Korea and her people will always emerge victorious with the revolutionary armed forces, the invincible ranks with the peerlessly great man as their Supreme Commander.

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