Jungle Studs – LP – VIRUS 51 – 1986

Introducing Jungle Studs from San Francisco, CA, featuring members of Dead Kennedys and Flipper. This is their one and only LP, released 1986 on Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 51.

1. All The Girls In The World 00:00
2. Can You Feel It 03:20
3. Coming Down The Track 6:02
4. Beloved Infidels 8:55
5. I Want (To Stop It Now) 12:34
6. Stella 17:27
7. Ma Baby 20:12
8. Modern Times 23:54
9. Delusion 27:13
10. Carry On 30:52


Légitime Violence – Non jamais [Lyrics]

Lyrics in Greek, English, Francais

Title: Non jamais! / No, never! / Όχι, ποτέ!
Artist: Légitime Violence / Legitimate Violence / Νόμιμη Βία
Album: Rock Haine Oi! (soon available)
Year: 2015
Province of origin: Quebec, French-speaking Canada
Genre: Oi / RAC / Hardcore-punk
Label: Hostile Class Productions


Cheetah Chrome * Dead Boys * Sonic Reducer * Bowery Electric

Cheetah Chrome * Dead Boys * Sonic Reducer * Bowery Electric * another Bicycle Joe® Lo-Fi Sound and Vision® HOMIE Video *
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Cheetah Chrome Guitars, Johnny Blitz Drums, Jason Kottwitz Guitar, Ricky Rat Bass and Jake Hout Vocals
Bicycle Joe® has been Pedaling his Ass around NYC to see and hear great Musicians, Bands, Poets and Performance Artists and recording them Live in genuine Lo-Fi Sound and Vision®

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7Days of Punk – Nejsi sám, Jsi Punk

Album: Kunda tady, Kunda tam (2015)


Short Lived “All The Agony” San Diego Punk Rock ’90s

Short Lived
“All The Agony”


EASY guitar song #7 If You Wanna The Vaccines | 10 songs with 3 EASY chords!

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In this acoustic guitar lesson series we’re going to learn to play TEN beginner guitar songs with three very common guitar chords; A major, D major and G major.

This lesson shows you how to play the easy open chords version of If you wanna by The Vaccines, a great modern Indie song. If you find you struggle for any reason, then head back to the first video for more work on the chords themselves, or check out an easier section of songs on the website or channel!

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S02E04 – Thanos, Punk Rock Jesus, Tortues Ninja

Toute l’actualité des super-héros, c’est dans Côté Comics, votre nouveau rendez-vous qui se concentre sur les comics et met de coté tout le reste !

Batman, Superman, Spider-man … ils vont tous y passer !

Côté Comics, c’est un Mardi sur deux à 19H30 sur Mirabelle TV et un Samedi sur deux sur Nolife à 13H20

Au Sommaire de cette nouvelle émission :

– L’actu et les sorties avec Juju
– J’ai lu pour vous Punk Rock Jesus
– Tout sur … Les Ennemis des Tortues Ninja



Punk Beach!

FSG -1995 Jesse, Craig, Ger-I, Craig

Frontside Grind before the end of time!
Prior to the sale of skateboarding to the highest bidder, the demise and sanitation of free thought, creativity, and liberty (in part by this curse known as the internet)  a sub-culture of society’s outcasts ran amok in, on, above and below of what is now known as  Douchetown errrrr Silicon Beach.
Languishing in the Maryjane laced sunshine, putrid, garbage and graffiti strewn pavilion. Sure “the man” was down on us yet we never let “em” see us sweat, if you know what I mean and if you don’t know may God in heaven help as I sure cant.  Home is where the heart is and the heart has been bought, sold and transplanted and what now exists is sponsored by Google and Massengel.
“Front Side Grind in my mind/sk8n aint no crime”


One Direction get pranked on Nickelodeon (Good Quality)

One Direction’s Louis and Zayn join forces with Nickelodeon to prank Liam, Harry and Niall into thinking the show’s host was giving birth during the interview.
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