Punk Friends

Simply some YouTube buddies being foolish due to the fact that Andrew Huang informed them also! There will certainly be a regular Vlogbrothers video clip tomorrow from me.

NORMAL – Landon Austin – https://youtu.be/pO2obuuu-1U
SKA – Rob Scallon – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCy3dIyyqVM
PUNK – Hank Green – This one
STEEL – Anthony Vincent – https://youtu.be/xgA-an-nllY
TRADITIONAL RAP – Dan Bull – https://youtu.be/1XBil8xRalA
NATION – Taryn Southern – https://youtu.be/qgOn8Jzm3xc
COMPUTER GAME – Todd Bryanton – https://youtu.be/jCuhdlIiWNg
INSTRUMENTAL – Craig Benzine – https://youtu.be/pc1ghtFp2xI
HYPNOTIC TRANCE – Andrew Huang – https://youtu.be/ACH57dY2Ck4
ASSORTMENT – Andrew Huang – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V58J6iQbbds
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