[O2 Academy Bristol 160320] Simple Plan – Perfect World

[O2 Academy Bristol 160320] Simple Plan - Perfect World

For list of recorded performances in order, see more below
Artist: Simple Plan
Concert: Simple Plan “Taking One for the Team” World Tour
Venue: O2 Academy Bristol
Song: Perfect World

Excuse my screaming and ridiculous gibberish lyrics. OTL

1. Jetlag – https://youtu.be/7umemYqgqzU
2. Welcome to My Life – https://youtu.be/liLgRUy0iLY
3. Uptown Funk/Can’t Feel My Face – https://youtu.be/N24K3m-QVTI
4. Summer Paradise – https://youtu.be/31ciObI8yUo
5. Crazy – https://youtu.be/–4HxfdlQkQ
6. Shut Up – https://youtu.be/0oTJ0lBPAos
7. Perfect World – https://youtu.be/4usvBFakvko
8. Perfect – https://youtu.be/RDDD-51Mmoc


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