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[O2 Academy Bristol 160320] Simple Plan – Perfect World

[O2 Academy Bristol 160320] Simple Plan - Perfect World

For list of recorded performances in order, see more below
Artist: Simple Plan
Concert: Simple Plan “Taking One for the Team” World Tour
Venue: O2 Academy Bristol
Song: Perfect World

Excuse my screaming and ridiculous gibberish lyrics. OTL

1. Jetlag –
2. Welcome to My Life –
3. Uptown Funk/Can’t Feel My Face –
4. Summer Paradise –
5. Crazy ––4HxfdlQkQ
6. Shut Up –
7. Perfect World –
8. Perfect –


Simple Plan: The Official Story

Simple Plan: The Official Story

Tweet “SimplePlanTheOfficialStory” @ 2pm EST and let’s make it a worldwide trending topic

Thanks everyone who helped @niidblossom and me to make this an awesome SProject
Cami, Emelie, Julia, Helene, Hanine, Laura, Paula, Gali, Noemi, Jeen, Sandra, Lily, Jana, Rossi and everyone who sent their pictures, thank YOU! 🙂