NONAME – “Dragon Spirit” (version 1) (China, 2011)

NONAME - "Dragon Spirit" (version 1) (China, 2011)

NONAME/ NO NAME are a Xi’an, Shaanxi Province-based punk band from mainland China. They’ve been together since 2000. This is a music video I directed for them while we were collaborating on the film DRAGON CITY. This is not the version that appears in the final film.

NO NAME are currently: Yao Rui (Ray): Vocals, Mars: Guitar and Vocals, Zhang Hui: Bass and Vocals, and Hong: Drums (and vocals: studio only).

This is version # 1 of the music video for “Dragon Spirit,” taken from their CD “That Is What We Believe,” which is available NOW from Kids Union Records in mainland China (, and Razorblade Music in Germany (

I am the creator of this music video and it is uploaded with permission from myself, Pestilence Pictures International, NONAME and Kids Union Records. This video is uploaded under the Creative Commons Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 agreement.


what’s left to say

what's left to say

TW for lots of nazi things

The political landscape in the country of my birth is so threatening that it overshadows absolutely everything else. I like to argue and debate and maybe troll a little but I’m scared things have progressed to the point where we need things that are not those things.

I want to try putting out one of these a week so I can actually make some headway and improve my video quality and apparently I need special foundation primer for my eyelids and that’s annoying but check in next week for more nazis I fucking guess

Go watch the ContraPoints video I was talking about, it illustrates this point better than I ever could and also Contra is really hot I’m just saying. You know I’m right:


Humanity- Music Video “Alternative Metal Instrumental”

Humanity- Music Video "Alternative Metal Instrumental"

Alternative Metal Instrumental More Music @

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


ODDLIQUOR – Rockstar (Spanish Remix)

ODDLIQUOR - Rockstar (Spanish Remix)

Versión de ODDLIQUOR en castellano del tema ”Rockstar – Post Malone ft. 21 Savage”

Diseño por Daniel Alcázar @dsgnlitt @da.alcazar

Esto es para todos los Rockstar que luchais día a día por vuestro futuro pero todavia no os ha llegado el momento.

Interpretado y escrito por ODDLIQUOR @moodliquor
Mezclado y masterizado por ODDLIQUOR
Música original Tank God and Louis Bell


Mjavša – Rajska plaža(slovenian punk rock music,beautiful paradise beaches Greece/najlepše plaže)

Mjavša - Rajska plaža(slovenian punk rock music,beautiful paradise beaches Greece/najlepše plaže)

Novo 2014. Avtor in izvajalec glasbe in besedila: Patricija Pečar – Mjavša.
Moj 1.studijski,čisto nov slovenski punk rock avtorski komad, začinjen z sličicami z Grčije,rahlo odfukan, ampak tak je pač ta moj lajf. Uživajte!
New 2014 slovenian punk rock song music with pictures of Greece islands, little crazy, but thats my life. Enjoy!


The Kiss That Took A Trip – Ambient punk

The Kiss That Took A Trip - Ambient punk

Music video for the song “Ambient punk”, extracted from the fifth album, “Punk Cathedral”.