Michael Curtis:No (Audio)(M0lt Song)(SML Song)(Vlog Music)(Copyright Free)

Michael Curtis:No (Audio)(M0lt Song)(SML Song)(Vlog Music)(Copyright Free)

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Ronda Rousey shuts down interviewer about the gender pay gap

Ronda Rousey shuts down interviewer about the gender pay gap

The thing about true martial artists is they think logically, rather than emotionally.

The interviewer lobs a softball for Ronda hoping it will “anger” her that she doesn’t make as much money as Mayweather but Ronda doesn’t bite, and quickly shows her disdain for the question.

In the beginning of the interview Ronda says that the UFC decided a couple of months ago to have Bruce Buffer announce the fighters before the fight without saying their gender. He also announces the winner without saying Men’s or Women’s. That’s all she was saying.

Here’s Bruce Buffer from UFC 190 announcing Ronda is “still the UFC Bantamweight Champion of the World” … https://youtu.be/-srGrHsZ2t0

I believe the UFC thinks we can figure it out …


people are dying (song for kurt) – SHOCKBREAKER

people are dying (song for kurt) - SHOCKBREAKER

this song we made for a man who started something that he even dont want it to start.

his name is kurt donald cobain.. a truly artist and musician that ever lived.

and we miss him so much.
i dont want to tell that he is my hero, because he wouldnt like it if he still alive !.




live concert video of the band DEMERIT in PARIS the 08 APRIL 2016 playing the song with popolar songs like FIGHT YOUR APATHY or T.Z. GENERATION or BEIJING IS NOT MY HOME similar to the band SMZB or JOYSIDE or FANZUI XIANGFA or ONWARD TO MAYHEM

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Sonic Gypsy – Born A Rolling Stone – [Official Music Video]

Sonic Gypsy - Born A Rolling Stone - [Official Music Video]

Born A Rolling Stone
The Sonic Gypsy Band are: Mickey Banks (The Sonic Gypsy): Vocals / Electric Slide Guitar, Kaptain Boogie: Lead Guitar, Pig Man: Harmonica / Trumpet, Dub Punk: Bass, Mon Duncalf: Drums.

FIlmed and Edited by David Martin www.DavidMartinFilms.com


NONAME – “Dragon Spirit” (version 1) (China, 2011)

NONAME - "Dragon Spirit" (version 1) (China, 2011)

NONAME/ NO NAME are a Xi’an, Shaanxi Province-based punk band from mainland China. They’ve been together since 2000. This is a music video I directed for them while we were collaborating on the film DRAGON CITY. This is not the version that appears in the final film.

NO NAME are currently: Yao Rui (Ray): Vocals, Mars: Guitar and Vocals, Zhang Hui: Bass and Vocals, and Hong: Drums (and vocals: studio only).

This is version # 1 of the music video for “Dragon Spirit,” taken from their CD “That Is What We Believe,” which is available NOW from Kids Union Records in mainland China (myspace.com/kidsunion), and Razorblade Music in Germany (razorblade-music.com).

I am the creator of this music video and it is uploaded with permission from myself, Pestilence Pictures International, NONAME and Kids Union Records. This video is uploaded under the Creative Commons Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 agreement.