22 Minutes With Billie Joe Armstong

1010 WINS Anchor Brigitte Quinn talks to the singer/guitarist of the band Green Day and star of the new film”Ordinary World,” Billie Joe Armstrong.


Opening My blink-182 California Pre Order Bundle (Review)

The day before the new album “California” I had received my pre order bundle in the mail. So here is a review of what I had gotten.

Everything was good and just like I ordered, unfortunately the case for the CD was damaged but besides that, it was great!

Next video coming up is the album review so stay tuned!

If you havent already, be sure to check out my full album guitar cover of California! I want this video to break personal records for me and you guys are giving amazing support so thank you!

Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChEM5KoNHY4
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The Jespers – Masa Depan (Simple Plan 2012, Band Search)

Searching for a band to open for Simple Plan in KL, 2012 – presented by Tune Talk. Click “Like” to vote for this video.


Green Day Style Punk Rock Backing Track in G

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Green Day Style Punk Rock Backing Track in G
You can play E minor pentatonic and G major pentatonic scale over the whole track.

Cm : play C dorian scale

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Artmant Guitar Backing Tracks

Enjoy!! 🙂


Blink-182 Up All Night Live at St. Louis 2011



Make Your Own Day Planner | Tutorial | MIT App Inventor 2

Thank you guys for watching my tutorial on how to make a super lame, but simple planner! make sure to give some feedback!

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Green Day – American Idiot Live Hyde Park London 2017

British Summer Time Festival, July 2017


Blink 182 – Los Angeles (Live in San Antonio, 2016)

Blink 182 performing Los Angeles. Filmed in the AT&T Center in San Antonio on July 30, 2016.


Simple Plan – Generation LIVE Brisbane

Simple Plan’s Brisbane Concert October 17th 2008 Generation And Beginning Of Concert,
I KNOW Its Shit Quality.
I Was Right In Front Of The Sub Woofer And In A Jumping Crowd.